Saturday, September 25, 2010


Does Project Zero ring you a bell? 

In reference to the use of technology and e-portfolios Project Zero makes a point on their importance in the learning process. 

According to David Perkins, ongoing assessment is essential for learning and students should be given some time to reflect and self- evaluate their learning process.

  •  Portfolios provide students with valuable learning opportunities to show and file different learning styles and abilities. 

  • New technologies, especially computers, help access to new knowledge and learning strategies
For more information on e-portfolios go to


  1. Project Zero didn't ring a bell, but it looks like it could be useful. I Googled it and came on

    Do you have a better link?

  2. Project Zero was created by Harvard Graduate School of Education in order to improve teaching by means of research and studies. Some of the principal investigators are Howard Gardner, Lois Hetland,David Perkins and Carrie James, to name a few. You can have more information on the following link:

  3. Ok, . I haven't explored all its links and I haven't come on an easy explanation of what it is and how it relates to us. It seems on the surface to relate to this course. Can you explain further? I'm interested.