My Learning Reflections

As Reflections are essential for learning, I have tried to reflect on my learning process at Multiliteracies PP107.

I have learned that filters such as beliefs and values have helped me tremendously in my learning process since I have tried to make a wise use of the content of this course by being selective on texts and course activities and I have applied netiquette rules when interacting with people. 

I think I have achieved my learning objectives I set myself: 

  1. I have used and evaluated the web 2.0 learning and teaching tools and mechanisms for promoting knowledge by means of socially driven learning networks.I have explored different web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, ning, yahoo groups, google groups, facebook and twitter.
  2.  I have reflected on my learning process and self-evaluated it, as you can see on this page.
  3.  I have participated and created blogs and social networks  while identifying, acessing, aggregating, processing and analyzing the flux of information.
  4.  I have understood the aspects related to Multiliteracies and have reached a definition of Technical Literacy, by making connections. I have interacted with people on the issue and explored the Learning Ecology theory, which has helped me understand its implication.

Furthermore, I think my learning has gone beyond these learning objectives I have set. Now I have a better understanding of e-learning and the theory behind it: Connectivism. I feel everything I have read, applied and evaluated so far makes sense and is connected to Bloom's taxonomy and Googlios, as you can see in the posts I have created. 
Far from being finished, this blog, as my e-portfolio, is just a starting point to multiliteracies, since learning is a never-ending process and technology keeps evolving.

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  1. It looks like you have become more directed on your learning path, and found relationships in connectivism, eportfolios, Bloom's taxonomy, and multiliteracies. There's quite a lot in just those four concepts, enough to ponder for a long time. Good luck and I hope we find opportunities to keep learning connectedly in the future. ^V^