Monday, September 13, 2010

About me

Hi, everyone! My name is Roxana and I have been teaching EFL at High school for more than eleven years now in Uruguay, South America. I have graduated as an EFL teacher and as a Spanish teacher as well. I believe education is crucial for any society to grow and prosper and I think multiliteracies and collaborative learning are essential in that sense. 


  1. Hello, Roxana.
    Great to meet you on the net. I am from Argentina!

  2. Hi Roxana, this is a pleasantly creative blog. I enjoyed watching the videos. I'm sorry I didn't pop over to Uruguay when I was recently on the other side of the river, visiting Nelba in La Plata and other Webheads in Buenos Aires. Next time! -Vance

  3. Thanks! I´m glad you like it. I´ll keep working on it. Both of you are invited to come to Uruguay anytime. I am a URUTESOL member and I´m sure you would enjoy its conventions and meetings.