Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 2 Learning Reflection

As Week 2 of PP107 course has come to an end I have begun to outline what to put in an e-portfolio. It sounds an innovative way to select work and show some progress on my learning. I guess some reflections will come up soon.


  1. Hi Roxana,
    Thanks for writing this. I've been giving thought to eportfolios lately. I'm wondering how to get this moving. I wonder if there is a time we (and classmates) could meet online, or at the very least work through a shared Google Doc. I think we need to get everyone focused on this because it is through this tool that each defines his or her learning goals in the course. More in our discussion spaces. Thanks again for posting :-)

  2. Hi Vance! I guess forums or discussion threads at D2L or Multiliteracies- evo2010mlit and Google Doc are good tools since that is the place where most of the PP107 participants meet. Now I am focusing more on my own learning goals. I had started with the course objectives but as the course developed I felt I had to be very selective on content based on my own skemata, time and motivation. I am more interested in exploring new 2.0 webtools than ever.

  3. I believe e-portfolios can be meaningful to students provided they feel the need to show their progress and have some room for their creativity. The learner should be accompanied in the process of creation but portfolios are something personal as collecting material and reflecting are as well.